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Prague   On this venture I travel to the capital of the Czech Republic and enjoy the city of a 100 spires, meet an enterprising butcher and lawyer couple and have my first and possibly my last taste of Absinthe – the green nectar of the Bohemian generation.   Despite a population of 1.2 million Prague

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Gaucho 93 Charterhouse Street London EC1M 6HL Tel: 020 7490 1676 So it’s time for steak again and where better than the hippest Argentinean joint in town?  Read how I dip into a bit of a South American culinary culture while keeping it ‘real’ with some excellent steak, wine and a glorious dessert! With its plush nightclub

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Seven Dials, London


A gentleman’s day in London’s Seven Dials   So, in this article I head on down to London’s West End in search of a bit of ‘me’ time amongst the hubbub of Seven Dials. This little known enclave is a gem of a place to hang out, eat or even get a haircut. Full of

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Heliot Steak House, The Hippodrome Casino


Heliot Steak House The Hippodrome 14 Cranbourn Street London WC2H 7JH Tel: 020 7769 8844   In this outing I have a try at living a little like James Bond (well almost) and spend an evening with some simpering girls who really know how to turn heads with their dancing, enjoy some excellent steak and

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Finland’s West Coast


  The West Coast of Finland & The Midnight Sun       I’m going to take the rather unusual step of starting this travel piece with a recipe for what I think is the best blueberry pie I have ever tasted. Read on to find our where I tried it, maybe you’ll have a

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Taste of the Mediterranean: Croatia


Taste of The Mediterranean Šibenik Croatia   On this trip I get to taste a thousand flavours of the Mediterranean, do the Conga on one of its beautiful islands and have a late night cooking session with four excellent (if not a slightly drunk) chefs.  Croatia is a beautiful country and Šibernik one of its

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Fera at Claridges


Fera at Claridges Mayfair London     From the moment you swivel through the famous rotating doors of Claridges the luxury begins. Polished black and white marble floors, Lalique glass, vast chandeliers all tied together with plenty of charm. I was fortunate enough to have been taken to dinner on my birthday to Fera at

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Switzerland: Chaplin, Colliders and Chocolate


The Home of a Silent Movie Genius, Luxury Watches, The Hadron Collider & a bit of Chocolate. Switzerland    On this trip to beautiful Switzerland I realise I know nearly nothing about science, discover probably the most influential silent film star in the world had eight children and that there is more to this country than

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Massimo Villas Sicily  On this trip I walk in the footsteps of the Greek Gods, spend some time with a charismatic olive producer and hang out in a luxury coastal villa on the south coast.  And let’s not forget the charm of Palermo, that city of life and brilliant street food that took my breath away.

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Bayreuth, Germany: The home of Wagner


Bayreuth: The home of Wagner Franconia Germany   On this trip to Germany I get to try out some brilliant ale after taking advise from a beer sommelier, enjoy the splendid views from Nuremberg Castle and visit the Wagner Museum which has a fantastic interactive ‘book’ that allows you to explore how his music hash had

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Rosewood Hotel: Beijing, China


Rosewood Hotel Beijing   In this report I discover one of the world’s most comfortable hotels in China’s capital, Beijing. With instant hot water showers, superb food and brilliant staff I really didn’t want to check out.    The word luxury is bandied around a lot these days but at the Rosewood Beijing it is

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Wilder Kaiser: Austria


Wilder Kaiser Austria   On this trip I venture out into the most popular skiing region of Austria and find that my favourite winter sport is tobogganing.   Driving through the sunny and snow covered mountains near Salzburg in January it was easy to see why this part of Austria is the most popular region

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Beijing: China


  On this trip I travel far into the Eastern sun and land in Beijing the capital of China where I discover the fascinating history of the Forbidden City and get to climb a (small) section of The Great Wall of China. And discover that as well as great food everywhere China is the land

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Flying to Beijing, China


The Finnair Business Class Experience Recently I was fortunate enough to be asked by Finnair to fly to Beijing, China’s capital and write about my experiences. This first article covers the plane journey, the comfort afforded by their business class lounges, the level of luxury on board and the super quiet flight I experienced. The

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Jungfrau: Switzerland


Jungfrau region Bernese Oberland Switzerland    Read more about this wonderful region in Switzerland that is impossibly beautiful and tremendous fun (and it’s not all about skiing)!  It’s ridiculously easy to get to Zurich from London, only a 75-minute flight from Heathrow. From there I travelled on the superb Swiss Rail system that saw me

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