Chin Chin Laboratorists

‘Europe’s first liquid nitrogen ice cream parlour’ is quite some claim to fame if not a touch unusual but this is what can be found in London’s Camden Lock Place NW1.  There is more than a touch of the scientist’s laboratory here as you enter you can’t help but notice test tubes and flasks bubbling away – all very theatrical and intriguing.

The method of producing ice cream using liquid nitrogen is something that viewers of cookery programmes have probably seen before.  Top chefs like Heston Blumenthal use this system to create a crystal free super smooth ice cream in a matter of minutes – in fact before your eyes in the case of the wonderful Chin Chin Laboratorists.  Ahrash and Nyisha are the charming husband and wife team behind this venture.  They have a relaxed and friendly approach to making really excellent ice cream that is not as bonkers as it sounds.  Take some of the facts, it’s made with far less cream and thus fat – so it’s healthier, it’s made to order right in front of you – so you can’t get fresher and it tastes brilliant because of their innovative flavour combinations.

You choose from one of four base flavours, we chose one of each: Mango Upside Down Cake, Tequila Sunrise, Chocolate and a Vanilla.  Now this is where the fun begins, having chosen your base it is then made in front of you by Ahrash with liquid nitrogen being poured into the mixing bowls and ‘smoke’ flowing out it has a real touch of the mad scientist at work, very dramatic.  Our kids thought it was out of this world.  You then move onto another counter where Nyisha will talk you through the next level of flavours, which could include fresh Raspberry Coulis, Popping Candy, White Chocolate – there are too many to list here but it is quite mind boggling what you can come up with.

I would suggest a few visits to Chin Chin Laboratorists to have the chance to try some of the more unusual offerings.  They have a changing flavour of the week and already a loyal fan base on facebook, so why don’t you get your kids to follow them and keep you updated with their latest trend setting mouthfuls of wonderfulness.

Our youngest son who is six seemed to capture the spirit of it all perfectly when he walked into their ‘parlour’ and saw what was going on in front of him, smiled and said, “It’s a bit like Wallace and Gromit Dad, but in a good way”

49 – 50 Camden Lock Place

London NW1 8AF

Tel: 07885 604 284

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