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Eating at Foodilic is an eclectic affair.  There are many doctrines at work here.  You can enjoy a good breakfast, maybe smoked haddock kedgeree or eggs Benedict for a reasonable £4.75 to eat in.  We were having lunch, so I felt like something more substantial.  Many salad options are tempting, I was drawn to a green beans and mange tout dressed in walnuts and orange zest.  I couldn’t taste any zest but the mange tout and beans were wonderfully green and crunchy.  It felt very healthy.  Then a ‘raw pizza’, which was surprisingly good, the sun dried tomatoes doing their job well.

'Raw' pizza with green salad

My companion L, had a better plate than me, she chose a couple of the warm (i.e. cooked!) feuillete, a kind of refined pastry roll.  “I don’t normally eat cottage cheese” she said “but here it’s good” as she finished off that one and ate a smoked chicken, mushroom and herb version.  These are great value at only 90p each.  My stuffed peppers were very tasty and a bargain at £1.80 for two. If sushi is your thing then three pieces and two salads are yours for £4.75, a bargain.

Green salad, red cabbage & feuillete

This is a very casual space with giant slices of tree trunks as tables and stools.  Child seats are available, if you have little ones I’d advise this, as the trunk seating is a bit quirky and has a tendency to be unstable.

Tart - sweet and lovely

We finished the meal with a couple of desserts, again L lucked out in choosing a great tart and I had a strange concoction of digestive biscuit sandwich with cream as the filling coated in chocolate.  It had the appearance of a super sized marshmallow with chocolate, a bit like a giant Tunnock’s teacake.  It was not to my taste but others were eating them and I could see it going down well as a kids treat.


There is a branch in London and this is their second in Brighton.  It’s very popular with the lunchtime office crowd and either side of that, parents with toddlers make it a refuge to catch up with other families.  The food is fresh, organic where possible and they have a wide selection of scrummy juices.  This is a good value, healthy place to catch your breadth, meet up with a friend of create a splendid picnic for an afternoon on the beach.

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