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As I’m sure it hasn’t passed your notice this is the 60th year of the Queen on the throne.  While many of you may be preparing for festivities with bunting and street parties Gourmet Burger Kitchen have been looking at celebrating in a different way, their way, the burger way.

Sure, that’s what they are all about isn’t it, the burger?  Yes, they will still sell their comprehensive range of beef and chicken burgers (plus a few veggie options thrown in for good measure).  But this is something special that I recently had a chance to try out before it goes into all their restaurants.  The Windsor is a brand new burger created especially for the Queen’s Jubilee.  It stems from a unique partnership with the Royal Farms in Windsor where the Sussex Beef is sourced, aged and made into an 8oz burger served with a Brioche Bun, Mustard Mayo and Salad.

Now it must be said that there are burgers and there are burgers.  Gourmet Burger Kitchen already serve some of the best I know, so how do you improve on something that is clearly very good?  Well, they have by using excellent beef that has a rich long lasting flavour and the simple introduction of a brioche bun.  The sweet nature of the bun goes perfectly with this world-class beef.  It is a marriage made to last, not unlike our very own Queen and her Duke.

Imagine sitting down to one of these tasty creations and wondering if her majesty has at some time looked out of her castle window and seen that same cattle grazing gently on the lush greens of Berkshire.  Royalist or not this is burger worth seeking out.  It’s not loaded with unnecessary peripheral distracting ingredients just a straight forward, well presented tasty bite of pastoral beauty.  Celebrate in style this summer and take the family to Gourmet Burger Kitchen, you never know it might catch on and the family might be going for the next 60 years?

44 Northcote Road

London SW11 1NZ

Tel: 020 7228 3309

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