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The Keeble family business is making sausages.  And they are very good at it.  I had the pleasure of trying a few of their new range called Heck recently.  This is a premium brand with aspiration; they taste fabulous and offer variety.  They might just be what every sausage lover has been looking for.

Italia Chicken and Chorizo

My whole family tucked into a pack named 97% Pork a good all round banger, which like the others kept its shape during cooking.  The chorizos were lovely and smoky, really tasting of Spain.  They had much more spice than the supermarket brand I usually go to.  The big revelation for me was using chicken in their chicken Italia sausages.  It is refreshing to see something a little different going on in the sausage world.  These had mozzarella and basil in the mix, they tasted herby and like a chicken kebab, perfect to pop into a bap and smother with a choice condiment.

Ready for Cooking


Wonderful Bangers

Not content with convention they also offer skinless and square sausages.  The squares are great for putting between two slices of bread for a chunky sandwich.  If you really want to man up then try the black pudding for breakfast.


These sausages will make a fantastic addition to any BBQ this bonfire night, a favourite for everyone.  They offer quality and value.  I didn’t know the price before tasting and was convinced they would be quite expensive but worth it.  I was surprised to find out that Tesco are selling them for less than £3 a pack of six (except the squares which come in packs of 4).  These are the go to sausages for me from now on (especially with mash!).

Italia Chicken



Bangers and Mash

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  1. Jon Tagart

    Truly the best ever sausage,I would never buy any other after buying Heck

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