Ripley’s Believe it or Not!


Ripley’s Believe it or Not!

The London Pavilion

1 Piccadilly Circus



Tel: 020 7734 8768


Right in the centre of London’s West End next to Eros is Ripley’s Believe it or Not!  This phenomenon from America is a fantastic collection of bizarre curiosities from around the world.  Where else will you find an animated dinosaur, the skeleton of a mermaid, the world’s tallest man and a fury fish in the same building?

You journey starts on the fifth floor and meanders down to lower ground.  On the way you will have plenty of weird and wonderful things to see, a man totally covered in hair, another man with a blue face, the world’s largest nose.  This collection of jaw dropping artefacts many of which were discovered by the intrepid Robert Ripley himself will delight and amaze the whole family.


One of the really fun things to do for all of us was to ‘get lost’ in London’s largest mirror maze on the 2nd floor, it’s impossible to work out where to go.  We kept on seeing the children in front of us, but of course there weren’t anywhere near us.  The brain became splendidly muddled in this excellent part of our day out and the children loved it.


This museum of curios provides a fresh collection of exhibits on every level.  Some are interactive and some you wouldn’t wish to be!  The section on shrunken heads might not be for very little ones but the black hole tunnel certainly will be.  Walking along a gantry you pass through a revolving tunnel of stars and planets.  This is so disorientating and great fun, the kids loved it, taking to it in no time.


In the basement they have a stealth laser game where you can pit your wits against a room full of laser beams, it’s like something from Mission Impossible as you duck and dive, crawl and jump round the lasers, a great thing for the kids to get stuck into.  As we made our way up and into the daylight we said what a great day it had been.

You can find out more about Ripley’s Believe it or Not! and how to plan your trip and get discounted tickets online here:

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