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I don’t know if you have noticed but there is an interesting culinary phenomena happening on the streets at the moment, no, thought not.  Well look again and you’ll see something of a reinvention of youth culture, gathering in a place that serves nothing stronger than low fat frozen yoghurt, a kind of modern ‘Milk Bar’ if you like.  This is a seemingly unstoppable new craze that is everywhere at the moment.  I thought I’d check out some of the latest offerings at Samba Swirl one of the new movements leading lights.  Currently it has two branches but there are plans to expand to other locations across London.  The concept is simple, you fill your carton with low fat frozen yoghurts (they have a daily changing variety of six, so there’s lots of choice) then depending on how wicked you are feeling you can load up with toppings healthy of fruit and nuts or, well just about anything you can think of, you could go mad and create a phantasmagoria of sweet things from Gummi Bears to Jelly Beans to Rainbow Sprinkles to Mango Lime Coulis to Caramel Shortbread to pieces of Fudge.  Really, I could go on for ages there are infinite options.  Just take your creation to the counter and have it weighed and pay – simple as that.  The beauty of this place is you get precisely what you want.  It’s fun, inexpensive and incredibly easy to have another one.  Here’s a link to show you what’s on offer go to

23 Islington Green

London N1 8DU


 77 Northcote Road

London SW11 6PJ

020 8585 1871


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