Sitaaray is an Indian restaurant with a pedigree that hails from Bollywood and is decorated in a flamboyant style.  With friendly and endearing service the feeling is very relaxed.  The children LOVED it.

The concept is quite simple, you are allowed unlimited Kebabs and Curries for £22.95 per person £15.00 per child, desserts are charged separately. The food is good although a few alterations might make it easier for the digestive system.  Pepper Shikamupi a Lamb Kebab made of ground meat and stuffed with mint and peppers was very good as were Pudina Fish char grilled fish tikkas in a paste of mint and green chillies.  This was the favourite dish with the children, I think it worked for them because it looked good, had a mild kick to it and wasn’t overly fishy at all.  These dishes in my view could have been improved by having a sauce of some sort, as it was just meat and fish and not much else.  Vegetarians are catered for with a separate menu.  Food that is presented on a banana leaf will always bring a smile to my face as it smacks of authenticity with a bit theatre thrown in for good measure.  The Chicken Achaari and Chicken Chakudari grilled chicken with pickling spices and boneless leg with a red marinade and beetroot respectively did this.  Numerous plates of food came and left empty then a wonderfully vibrant green Vegetable Nilgiri Kurma appeared.  This was so crisp and pungent you could clearly taste the fresh coconut milk, coriander, mint, chilli, spring onion that had gone into its making.  It had a real texture to it that vegetarian Indian food so often lacks.  Then we had to decide about desserts, they were really good and the right way to finish a meal of such intense flavours.  The Pistacho Kulfi was not (now this might sound a bit odd) too nutty.  I feel that sometimes the milkiness of this classic can be lost in a quest for more nut than sense.  It was smooth and moreish.  Honey and Ginger Ice Cream was a winner as was the Mango Sorbet.  There was also a Carrot Halwa a kind of sponge cake served hot that was an unforeseen joy it was sweet and warming, with just a touch of spicing.

I think Sitaaray is a really fun place to go that has just enough distractions to make it an interesting destination in its own right.  Enjoy a Mocktail or Cocktail and let the hypnotic trance of Bollywood be your constant companion and surrender to its charm.  It is welcoming and lively with just enough surprises to make it safe but with an edge.

167 Drury Lane

New London Theatre Building

London WC2 5PG

020 7269 6244

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