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Here’s an intriguing thought how about getting your daily fruit in a cup?  Well it’s possible with Spice Way.  A very simple but neat idea that unites a warm refreshing drink with a healthy lifestyle.  Or how about freshly blended herbs ready to use and amaze your friends and family with new culinary expertise?  Well it’s all very simple with the ranges from the award winning Spice Way Originals.   The range includes Fruit Infusions made of dried fruits herbs and spices, very tasty and enjoyed by my seven-year-old son, he keeps on asking for more!  Fast Gourmet covers a range of cuisines; Tempting Thai, Classic Chinese, Rajah Rice and many more.  Cook Clever is another little innovation in home cooking.  By blending herbs and spices but letting you control the cooking these could be your new best friend.   For example a packet of Lazy Lamb which contains all spice, pink and black pepper corns, garlic, rosemary will bring out the very best in your joint with all the hard work done for you.  A lot of these blends have a Middle Eastern feel to them for example Zippy Zataar is based on Hyssop this has been used since biblical times as a cleanser of the body.

These are products that look after you as well as making your life easier.  To find out more go to www.spicewayuk.com it might just change the way you cook!

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