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Gaucho: London


Gaucho 93 Charterhouse Street London EC1M 6HL Tel: 020 7490 1676 So it’s time for steak again and where better than the hippest Argentinean joint in town?  Read how I dip into a bit of a South American culinary culture while keeping it ‘real’ with some excellent steak, wine and a glorious dessert! With its plush nightclub

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Jamboree Restaurant: London


Jamboree Foodfest & Bar 46 Blackfriars Road London SE1 8NZ    On this outing I discover that music can work with food and that a clue is sometimes not enough! It’s a word that puzzled my dining companion J for some time. I had given her a clue as to where we would be eating

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Argentina Part 2: Patagonia and Buenos Aires

Map of Argentina

  Argentina Part 2: Patagonia and Buenos Aires In this second part of my journey through Argentina I fly down to the bottom of the country to the strange and mysterious world that is Patagonia. Steeped in mythology and folklore it has often been cited as the end of the world. It’s a fascinating and

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Iguazu Falls – Argentina

Falls with Blured Water

Iguazú Falls Argentina July is mid winter for Argentina and as a European it is possibly the best time to visit. On this trip I visited Buenos Aires where the temperature is pleasantly warm but not cold and certainly not stiflingly hot either, although first I headed up country to the north to see a

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Eating out in Buenos Aires – Argentina

Beef La Brigada

Eating out in Buenos Aires – Argentina   Once you get over the party atmosphere of this vibrant city you will at some point feel hungry. It’s a hot place so it may take some time but when you eventually feel hungry you are in for a real treat. There is street food in Argentina and

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Buenos Aires – Argentina

La Bocca Houses 2

Buenos Aires Argentina    Buenos Aires has all the bustle of a sophisticated European city. It could be Paris or Rome as you glance up at the buildings, a colonial past is present. It houses three million and is the largest city in Argentina. There are grand squares, monuments, parks and churches and some of

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Salta Province – Argentina

Llama c/u

Salta Province Argentina   In the north nestling in the Lerma Valley, some two hours flight from Buenos Aires is the province of Salta, with an eponymous old colonial city as its centre that has charm and sophistication. Mapped out to include large civic squares with churches and a neoclassical style cathedral, beautiful original architecture

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