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St. Moritz Gourmet Festival: Switzerland


St. Moritz Gourmet Festival St. Moritz Switzerland   Crisp white stratocumulus scud beneath me on the swift 75-minute flight to Zürich. From there I take a couple of trains to that swishest or resorts where only the stylish check in and if you have to ask how much you’re in the wrong place. Or that’s

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Following The Grand Tour: Lake Geneva, Switzerland

Vineyard, Lake, Mountains

Following The Grand Tour Lake Geneva Switzerland   The subtle but lovely part of flying Swiss to Geneva is breakfast, a fresh pain au chocolate. And afterwards as you settle into a good book or a nap a basket comes round with the most divine chocolate bars, as a prelude to a country that says

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Divine Chocolate Truffles

Bars in Wrappers

Divine Chocolate               I had quite a bit of fun recently when I attended a chocolate making lesson at one of Divine’s pop up shops in Covent Garden.  In conjunction with Fairtrade, Divine has forged links with farmers in Ghana to harvest and produce chocolate for them.  And what a great job they are

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Chocolate Evening at Sartoria

Chocolate Samples

Chocolate evening at Sartoria   & Willie’s Cacao Chocolate   20 Savile Row London W1S 3PR Tel: 020 7534 7000     I believe that most people love chocolate, we reward ourselves with bars of it, we pass them round boxes of them at dinner parties and come Christmas there are coins made of it. 

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