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Hamburg: Germany


Hamburg Germany In the early 1960’s Hamburg had the reputation of a racy place to be as well as dangerous. The docks were not for the faint hearted and there wasn’t much to do except follow the sailors to the red light district where you might have heard the Beatles who cut their teeth there.

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Jumeirah Hotel, Frankfurt: Germany


Jumeirah Hotel Thurn-und-Taxis-Platz 2 60313 Frankfurt am Main Germany Tel: +49 (0)69 297 237 0    From standstill to being airborne took just 16” of sheer power in my Embrea AR 190 down the 1500m runway at London’s City Airport. It was then 89 minutes before I was at Frankfurt, a further 12 before I

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Saxony: Germany


Saxony Germany    Formerly in East Germany Saxony has often been the poorer cousin to the high-flying relatives of Berlin, Hamburg and Cologne. Bordering the Czech republic and Poland it has something of a Bohemian atmosphere. I started my visit in Leipzig, only 90 minutes flight time from the UK and an airport that is

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Bayreuth, Germany: The home of Wagner


Bayreuth: The home of Wagner Franconia Germany   On this trip to Germany I get to try out some brilliant ale after taking advise from a beer sommelier, enjoy the splendid views from Nuremberg Castle and visit the Wagner Museum which has a fantastic interactive ‘book’ that allows you to explore how his music hash had

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Nuremberg: Germany


Nuremberg Bavaria Germany With a history that stretches way beyond its 20th century notoriety Nuremberg has a wealth of ancient buildings, castles, restaurants and microbreweries to discover for the intrepid explorer. Yes, there are nods to its past and rightly so, they have not been brushed under the carpet of time but this city is

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Europa-Park: Germany


Europa-Park Europa-Park-Straße 2 77977 Rust Germany The first thing to say about Europa-Park is that it’s huge, some 130 hectares in all. With around 5 million visitors a year this place is one of the most visited tourist spots in Europe. For around €37 a day you can have an awful lot of fun with

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VOLT Restaurant – Berlin

Volt Interior Gantry

VOLT Restaurant Paul Lincke – Ufer 21 10999 Berlin Germany Tel: 030 3384 02320   Kreuzberg has always been one of those edgy places. Marginalised by the close proximity of the Berlin wall for 28 years it has been the haunt of many a punk rock band of the 70’s, David Bowie and Iggy Pop

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Berlin – Germany

Brandenberg Gate

Berlin Germany   From London where I live it would be possible in just 90 minutes to visit a large section of the south coast or Kent, go by train to Bath, drive to Windsor Castle or fly to Berlin. No brainer really, Berlin is the happening city in Europe right now. The ride from

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Ox & Klee – Cologne

Wagyu beef

Ox & Klee Richard Wagner Street 20 50674 Köln Germany Tel: 0221 169 566 03   The food scene in Köln or Cologne (as we know it) is thriving. I have visited many times and have always been impressed with the diversity and quality on offer. They also do something I wish British restaurants would

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Cologne by Rail

Glass of Kolsch

Cologne by Rail Germany The joys of getting to Europe by train are obvious. No two-hour check in, convenient central locations and none of the cabin baggage restrictions that make us all so mad (why do different airlines have different allowances?) The biggest advantage when travelling with a family is the children’s contentment. After passing

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