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Wine House Hotel 1821: Edinburgh


Wine House Hotel 1821 4 Picardy Place Edinburgh EH1 3JT Tel: 0131 557 1821   When taking the train up to Edinburgh I can’t help but be reminded of W. H. Auden and his atmospheric 1936 masterpiece Night Mail. As I trundled up the North Eastern line the words appear in my head without me

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Sicily: Italy


Massimo Villas Sicily  On this trip I walk in the footsteps of the Greek Gods, spend some time with a charismatic olive producer and hang out in a luxury coastal villa on the south coast.  And let’s not forget the charm of Palermo, that city of life and brilliant street food that took my breath away.

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Lake Garda: Italy


Lake Garda Italy   Driving along the northern shores of the Italian lake-district makes you feel like a film star. So many have visited here, been filmed here (Bond films seem magnetically attracted to the area for example) and some even have houses here like George Clooney and Brad Pitt. Cruising along the edge of

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