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St. Moritz Gourmet Festival: Switzerland


St. Moritz Gourmet Festival St. Moritz Switzerland   Crisp white stratocumulus scud beneath me on the swift 75-minute flight to Zürich. From there I take a couple of trains to that swishest or resorts where only the stylish check in and if you have to ask how much you’re in the wrong place. Or that’s

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Binntal: Switzerland


Binntal a land of treasures Switzerland   Ernen is an uncompromisingly beautiful village sitting in the Binn Valley in the Canton of Valais at the southern border of Switzerland and Italy. Mountains are all around the July sun beats down on the small farms and lush green pasture. My home for the next few days

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The Gotthard Panoramic Express: Switzerland


The Gotthard Panorama Express Switzerland   Armed with a Swiss Travel Pass I was able to go pretty much anywhere on the train network and also gain access to hundreds of museums and gondola rides in 75 towns and cities. But what I really wanted to do was ride the Gotthard Panorama Express south to

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Switzerland: Chaplin, Colliders and Chocolate


The Home of a Silent Movie Genius, Luxury Watches, The Hadron Collider & a bit of Chocolate. Switzerland    On this trip to beautiful Switzerland I realise I know nearly nothing about science, discover probably the most influential silent film star in the world had eight children and that there is more to this country than

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Méribel: France


Hotel le Mottaret Mottaret Méribel France If you thought that Méribel was known for skiing and skiing alone then think again. Yes, it a fantastic location for winter sports as I found out on a recent trip but it also offers all sorts of other activities throughout the year. There are some parts of the

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Switzerland: Elementary James Bond Training

View from Royal St. Georges Hotel

Switzerland:  Elementary James Bond Training Training to become James Bond is something that has struck me and countless others as one of the coolest pursuits on the planet. Achieving it (or anything near it) is quite something else. My point of reference has always been On Her Majesty’s Secret Service one of the ‘lost’ Bond

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