The Nadler Victoria Hotel: London

The Nadler Victoria Hotel


10 Palace Place



Tel: 0203 540 8800


Just behind her majesty’s own London home you can find yours at 10 Palace Road, Victoria. When I say your own I mean it’s where the latest edition of the expanding Nadler Hotel chain can be found.

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The Nadler Victoria is the perfect place to stay in London for a couple of night if you want to concentrate on value for money (who doesn’t?) but still maintain a high standard of accommodation. In fact the Nadler Victoria has a saying ‘Five star hotel at four star prices’. And how do they do this? Very simply they cut out all that you might not use and provide alternatives. For example there is no bar or restaurant but there is one over the road in the St. James Theatre where you will receive preferential rates, there is no gym, don’t worry they have a deal with a local gym should you wish to exersise.

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The rooms all have a neat kitchenette that has mineral water (on tap no less), a microwave and a small fridge. You can ask the staff at the time of booking to purchase food items for you to be ready for your stay. Pretty appealing. There are other subtle but lovely touches to The Nadler Victoria, the TV (vast) has a speaker in the bathroom with a volume control, so you can shower away whilst listening to the radio or TV without missing anything.

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M and I had decided to have a night in town to watch a movie and have a bite to eat. I checked in with the incredibly friendly staff (there were lots of them as well) and met M later in the evening to go and see the latest Johnny Depp movie. We simply jumped on a 38 bus from the west end and it dropped us virtually outside the door of the hotel. A quick freshen up and over the road (about five steps) to the Carrara restaurant situated up a very grand marble staircase at St. James Theatre.

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We could have of course gone to the theatre and travelled virtually no distance at all, to see ironically Around the World in Eighty Days. We chatted about the film, which saw Depp in a more somber mood and a baron landscape. The food and service at the Carrara were both good. Excellent breads, soup and terrine started off the meal followed by some superb pink lamb with a cheeky mac ‘n’ cheese on the side. The walls in the restaurant are decked with black and white pictures of the great and the good of the acting world over the last 60 years. It’s a great backdrop considering the location. The good food continued with some apple pie and well kept cheeses. Who needs a hotel restaurant (that always closes just when you want to eat …).

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The Nadler Victoria is a boutique hotel that has six different room ‘types’ including a couple of family rooms that will keep four of you warm and comfortable for your stay. And talking of comfort I must tell you how gorgeous and sumptuous the linen and beds are. The walls have tasteful prints and some even have faux bookcases to add to the chic vibe.


We woke refreshed and ready for the day. Making our own tea (they found a lemon for M’s morning cuppa) we packed up and headed off round the corner to one of the many local cafes for a spot of breakfast. Nobody asked our room number or made us wait to be seated. Not having the usual functionality of a big hotel doesn’t seem to have done The Nadler Victoria any harm at all, if anything it enhances one’s stay as you have to get out and do a little bit of exploring. But seeing as we were in Victoria you are spoilt for choice.

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Well done The Nadler Victoria for filling an important hole in the hotel market. A classy operation that offers luxury and simplicity where you know that the money you spent on the room has gone on the room not paying for an empty restaurant. If you’re going into town with or without the family this is the perfect antidote to corporate banality that abounds in London these days.








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