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Sushi with Dried Ice

Mango Tree, 46 Grosvenor Place, Belgravia, London SW1X 7EQ
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With Father’s Day looming and mothers and children trying to think of that elusive ‘thing’ to give Dad it’s just as well that The Mango Tree has come up with what I consider to be a great option. Had you thought of a chef’s demonstration? Well yes, with none other than Ian Pengelley at the chopping board? As executive chef at Mango Tree he has extended his role from the kitchen to front of house, well back of house really as the demonstrations are positioned at the rear of the restaurant. But still on full display to all he will fearlessly conjour up, with your help if you are so inclined what must be the world’s quickest sushi lesson or help you understand how to hollow out a pineapple making sure it doesn’t leak when you fill it with duck curry. Oh yes, Ian is a man to listen to.

There are other secrets he will reveal.


Duck Curry in a Pineapple

Duck Curry in a Pineapple

He is an engaging speaker. But pay attention, if he sees you drifting away then you’ll hear “Keeping you busy am I?” He shouted jokingly to a group of knowing ladies who have bought into his way of thinking but are too busy chatting to each other to hear what he’s saying. “ So, what are the four flavours used in Thai cooking? Come on, you know what they are” Drawing us in, he teases, cajoles, and gently gets you involved in what you are there to do which is learn about oriental cooking. It’s a great lesson. He is a charming, uncompromising chef with high standards in the kitchen that marry with his expectations in the restaurant. Salty, sweet, sour and hot are the four flavours by the way.

Ingredients for Duck Curry

Ingredients for Duck Curry

After your personal demonstration you sit down to a tasting menu consisting of 14 dishes. The Royal Thai set menu will guide through many favourites as well as a few surprises. What could be better for dad (and the rest of you of course)! Than to tuck into food fit for a king.
Prices start from £65 per person.

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