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Ned’s Noodle Bar

County Hall

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 Onions and Chilli Oil

Ned’s is one of those places you stumble across by accident but feel you already know it, maybe because it has a cinematic feeling it looks straight out of an American movie. I think it’s the really cute boxes that did it for me. Square with a tapered bottom and neat Chinese style writing and a little wire handle to carry the hot contents.


I first went here with my nine-year-old son A and he loved it. The ordering process and those square cartons that come with chop sticks (which he is quite adept at using) all appealed. I thought I had better return and give the place the once over and share it with you.


M and I sat outside; there is more seating outside than the couple of bench seats with tables and bar with stools inside. The weather was good so why not.   It’s a small place that does plenty of take-away as well as eat in and they also deliver. The ordering couldn’t be easier but the system gives you plenty of choice. M ordered the hard to find edamame beans with salt. A simple preparation of cooked then chilled beans with salt. They were gone in no time. I chose chicken gyoza (Japanese dumplings) liberally doused in sweet chilli sauce. These were spot on. Severed piping hot they tasted fresh and substantial. As Ned’s is really a fast food outlet there are no plates, everything is served in disposable cartons and cups.

Dipping Goyoza

The world walks by the restaurant (where there are many other options to eat from) but I would say Ned’s gets the majority of interest. The delivery bike was constantly returning to pick up more orders from local offices. Being a noodle joint they have a few to choose from.

Chilli Oil and Onions

It’s a three-step process; first choose your type of noodles; egg, rice, udon (Japanese wheat), steamed rice or vegetables only, then one of nine sauces and one of nine fillings. The sauces range from Singaporean hot yakisoba (sweet Japanese soy sauce) to Thai green curry and sweet and sour with a few others as well. They are all different and on this occasion I had egg noodles with Malaysian hot sauce and finally my filling of beef. You can add extra toppings for 50p so I went for fried shallots, which are dried and chilli oil, which was very hot! The taste of these dishes (and there are many permutations) is very authentic with everything being cooked to order in the giant wok burners behind the counter. I love the food here, it’s honest, simple and if you order correctly tastes great and for ‘fast’ food certainly makes a change from a burger.

Beef Noodles

M went for rice noodle those lovely almost translucent wide ribbons, which are gluten and wheat free with Thai green curry hot sauce and chicken filling. The filings are able to cater for all as vegetarians have the choice of tofu or vegetables. Each pot will contain a mix of vegetables as well including bean sprouts, carrots, onions etc. If you have a preference they will happily add extra or remove, as you like. That’s the beauty of this place it is totally flexible. And the cost for all this authenticity and freshness is just £7.45. On a warm day you can order a few dishes carry them to the river (it’s just around the corner from the London Eye and have a warm picnic.

Chicken Noodles 1

M lapped up here carton as eagerly as I did. This is not fine dining but it sure is fine to dine on Ned’s noodles. There are a couple of desserts that shine the standout by far was banana fritters. Forget what you know about fritters and just order these little gems. Wrapped in filo pastry and drizzled with golden syrup they are the definition of ‘to die for’ sweet and hot with fragrant banana running all through it they are simply a must have.

Chicken Noodles 2

So, it’s really a takeaway with seats, there is one other branch in Basildon. Ned’s is doing a great deal to brighten up the options for diners on the lookout for good tasting value food. They offer small boxes for kids, which are a toned down (spice wise) version of their larger partners. These are also economical at under £4 a box.


If you find yourself with friend or the family and want to try something that isn’t a pizza or costs the earth then I whole-heartedly recommend Ned’s Noodles. A warning though some of the ‘hot’ dishes are hot so take advice from the staff if this an issue for you or your party. One last thing, as well as serving a couple of Asian beers and soft drink and wine they have a scrumptious homemade lemonade which unlike all other ‘homemade’ lemonades is not overly sweetened and has a good tart flavour that is very good with spicy food.

Chocolate Fudge Cake


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  1. Joanne

    I regularly frequent the Basildon Branch of Neds, staff are great !!
    Being wheat intolerant it’s one of the few takeaways I can have, by far the best noodles I have ever had, always tasty & fresh, my daughter is addicted too.

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