Sweet News!

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Sweet News.

Bonne Maman has always provided us with excellent jams.  They now offer a new range of desserts including crème caramel, mouse au chocolate and rice gourmand.  The real surprise for me was the variety they offer.  You will not see everything all in one supermarket.  It’s best to look at there website or go through Amazon.  My tip for the next best thing is confirture de caramel, a brilliantly sweet gooey loveliness that works on anything.

Lemon Marmalade


Dessert experts Little Devil have a come up with a simple and glorious idea of providing a picnic perfect tub of strawberries with one of four sauces, Dark, milk and white chocolates and a delicious caramel.  They come with a fork and the sauces are cleverly still runny from the fridge.  You will need to buy more than one if the kids are around, mine adored these and they went in seconds.

Little Devil Desserts


Food Heaven have a range of dairy free desserts that are simply impossible to distinguish from those made with milk.  Vegetarian Society approved, the line up includes cheesecakes, ice creams, tiramisu and chocolate mousse.  My favourite was their wild blueberry ice cream it is simply divine.


My final recommendation is a cute idea from Sweets in the City.  Specialising in custom made treats delivered to your door from days of old.  Think fizz bombs, refreshers, black jacks, flying saucers etc.  They have a jar or box for every occasion or you can make up your own.  They will also undertake custom commissions.  My favourite was a hand made life size chocolate ladies shoe.  Perfect as a birthday gift or as a thank you to a bridesmaid.  It might just bring out the Imelda Marcos in you.

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