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Nottingham – A city of surprises

Nottingham Nottinghamshire   Nottingham has several claims to fame the most prominent being the home to Robin Hood and his nemesis the Sheriff of Nottingham. It has an illustrious past in lace making and is still the home to Raleigh bicycles. It has another strange accolade, the most haunted town in Britain. My interest piqued,

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The Penzance Night Riviera Sleeper

The Penzance Night Riviera Sleeper  It’s not often I start a review at 23:45 on platform one of Paddington Station.  But, this is the only way to travel – The Penzance Riviera Sleeper down to Cornwall overnight.  I’m travelling down to stay at the much-lauded retreat that is The Mullion Cove Hotel.  I cannot describe

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