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The Meat Co.

Unit 1026, Westfield London

Ariel Way



Tel: 0208 749 5914

Wall of Bottles

I first visited The Meat Co. over a year ago and felt it was time to return to see if it was still as good as I remember. The slick Westfield location still delivers. M and I each had a cocktail in their downstairs bar. My Old Fashioned did the job well and M’s ‘mocktail’ was suitably fruity. There is a sit at the bar culture going on here, which is quite inclusive and creates a relaxed atmosphere while still being part of what’s going on.

Fruit Cocktail Old Fashioned

The main event is up some grand stairs or in a very funky lift lined with giraffe motif fake fur and a giant mirror. If you had too many cocktails you might suffer an identity crisis. All part of the big gesture, great style that sets The Meat Co. apart from the competition. It also neatly reminds you of the company’s South African heritage.

Biltong Breads

The vast dining room is both welcoming and comfortable. M took her pew in a large sided sofa with a cushion or two to add to the luxury. Our waiter for the evening was called Professor, yes really! I asked him (as if he hadn’t been asked before!) if that was his real name, he replied with a dignity that only comes with age and experience that it was and he was very happy with it.


Some biltong and a selection of breads were first on our list. The biltong is so moreish that I had to restrain myself from spoiling my appetite. The breads were an interesting bunch; chocolate and beetroot, cheesy garlic and potato and onion. Our favourite was the potato and onion.


Nothing really prepares you for what you might order here. We could have gone for kangaroo, foie gras, lobster or wagyu – there are lots of exotic options. You name it they have it here. We thought we’d start gently with peri-peri prawns for me and braised rib meat cigars and balsamic mayonnaise for M. The prawns were good but I was hoping for a bit more of a kick, the cigars were wonderful, full of flavour and with the appearance of cannelloni with a delicious sauce.

Peri Peri Prawns

The business end of our meal was upon us and we sort of regretted having so much to start. M’s British 300g fillet 30-day dry aged hunk of beef was superb. With foie gras and mushrooms and some splendid mash it was a showstopper. The beef here is faultless and they know how to cook it. My North American Black Angus was no less impressive. I also went for foie gras (it works really well with a steak) and had some hand cut potato chips as well as some broccolini (sprouting broccoli) with garlic and chilli and some sautéed snow peas. I also opted for one of the nine sauces, green peppercorn.

Beef with Chips Beef with Mash

The meat out performed anything else on the plate I think it might be an idea to have had some sides that really packed a punch. The dominant meat hit is what it’s all about so you take your choice I suppose. This little lot took a while to consume but every mouthful was good.

Brocolii & Chilli Brocolii & Chilli Beans

There wasn’t much room for anything else but we did try some ice creams and a chocolate fondant that was well made and tasted great but was hard to finish due to my full stomach status and its rich credentials.

Beef with Sauce

There isn’t much they haven’t thought of at The Meat Co. They offer a Halal menu, cocktail deals on Mondays. They have revived a firm favourite this month with the Lux Burger, lobster and the like are available as toppings. And with it being national beef month (May) they are offering kids go free in half term, a not to be missed chance for those shopping in the impressive Westfield Shopping Centre during the school spring break.

Ice Cream Chocolate Pudding

So my return visit was worth it if only to confirm what I already knew, The Meat Co. rocks when it comes to meat of all kinds. The service we had with the Professor was exemplary (as I’m sure it would have been with anyone with a less qualified moniker) and it’s a cool place to hang out. Do go and enjoy but don’t even think about having breakfast on the day you visit as you’ll regret not being able to savour every morsel.

Table Setting


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