Three Things to Do With Truffle Oil

First of all if you have never used Truffle Olive Oil then there are a few things you need to know.  It is extremely strong in taste a little goes a long way.  Try a bit at a time – add more if you like what you taste.  Also it is sold in a few forms – the best being ‘infused’ there are other kinds but I wouldn’t bother with them as they can be a bit artificial and synthetic tasting.

You can add a few drops to scrambled eggs – this will increase the depth of flavour.  Just add them at the end after you have taken them off the hob and stir in just before serving.  Eggs and truffles are a good match.

When you have made a large batch of mash potato adding better and cream are a natural improvement if Truffle oil is added not only will this increase the creaminess of the dish but will enrich the mash enormously.  I find that if left for a day in the fridge it intensifies the flavour.

If you fancy making a very easy and quick starter (of maybe when you have people drop in unexpectedly!) this is something you can make pretty much any time.  Take some sliced Salami (you can keep this in the freezer and use what you need) add one drop of Truffle Oil to each slice then a fine shaving of Parmesan Cheese and a grind of black pepper. Then place on a thin slice of French Baguette (buttered if you like).  Bet you’ll have more than one!

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