12 – 14 Heddon Street,

off Regent Street



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Heddon Street is a little cul-de-sac off Regents Street, which has escaped my notice until now.  It has two things of note, firstly it is where the iconic album cover for David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars was photographed and secondly its collection of restaurants.  Tibits is part of a small chain from Switzerland, it’s a vegetarian restaurant and has been there five years.  I have been trying to recall if I have ever purposefully gone to a vegetarian restaurant.  I think it has only been when travelling, mainly in India as vegetarians outnumber meats eaters.

Fruit drink

The concept here is one of freshly prepared food, up to 40 different dishes a day.  A multitude of freshly squeezed juices and non-alcoholic cocktails make for a perfect lunchtime drink.  There is a main ‘boat’ where you can find the food.  Lots to choose from, all of it well made and tempting.  There is something rather satisfying about being able to see exactly what you are going to eat.  You help yourself and take the plate up to the counter to be weighed and order whatever you’d like to drink.  They offer beers and wines as well as the excellent juice combinations.  A typical plate of food is about £8.  The quality is high and the food was very tasty.  I particularly enjoyed some falafels, which I drenched with a chilli sauce.  I also tried Thai vegetables with sticky rice and a sweet chilli sauce.

Falafals, Houmus, coated jalipinos

My companion W was very excited to go to Tibits as she has been a vegetarian for years.  She was impressed with the food and loved the idea that you can have a much or as little as you wish.  It is a great place to meet a group of friends all of whom want to eat something different.  To keep things interesting they change the dishes on a daily basis so you could have lunch here five days in a row and not see the same items on the boat.

Salad Boat

Downstairs there is a little enclave for little ones to be kept busy while you can relax in the knowledge they can’t escape, perfect for a weekend brunch with all the family.

Lemonade and Ginger

Puddings are also good here.  The baked cheesecake worked well and was dairy free, I decided to add a bit of colour with a generous dollop of raspberry cream, which worked a treat, that is the beauty of Tibits, if you fancy a large portion then just have one.  Tibits opens for breakfast, lunch and dinner and is quite popular for drinks of a summer evening as the road is car free.  Only 25% of their customers are vegetarian, a good sign that at least some of us carnivores are not eating meat everyday.

Dairy Free Cheesecake with Raspberry Cream








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